Institute Management System CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 


Institute Management System



Managing an institute using manual system is a very tedious job and takes longer to generate different types of reports. To overcome this problem we will develop a web base application for the institute to be able to move their business online and to increase the availability and efficiency of their business processes.

The system should have the following features:

  • The system should have a user registration process in order to get login into the system.
  • Online course registration form should be available for the students.
  • Student should be able to view details of different courses for example course name, duration, start time and fee etc.
  • Admin should be able to add, update and deleteshort course like C, C++, and MS Office etc.
  • Admin should be able to add announcement of different courses like duration, coursecontents, feeandstart time etc.
  • Admin should be able to add and update student’s fees.
  • Admin should be able to add detail of instructors.
  • Admin should be able to add and update courses fee.
  • Instructor should be able to create MCQS base question bank for different courses.
  • Student should be able to attempt final test of his/her course using Final Test interface.


  • Reports:
    • List of all students (course wise,Feewise (Paid/ Unpaid)).
    • List of all courses.
    • List of newly registered students.
    • List of offered courses.
    • List of all instructors.
    • Student Final Test Result.


Tools & Technologies

  Preferred tool and technology JAVA


Supervisor:Noor Rahman Mahsud


Application Type: Web Application

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