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Furniture is the necessary part of the home which adds the beauty to the interior and give effect of completeness in the home. Furniture must be comfortable as well as beautiful. Now a day’s,a lot of variety in furniture is coming and designs are changing day by day. To get updates about new design is online furniture shop is most efficient source and in today’s busy life it make it more convenient to deliver at your desired furniture items on the door step.  Online furniture shop brings an entire furniture shop online and makes it easy for both buyer and seller to make furniture deals.


Functional Requirements:

Online furniture shop/website has following features:

  1. The website must have following tabs:
    1. Home
    2. About Us
    3. Wedding Packages
    4. Categories
      1. Bed Room
      2. Living Room
  • Kitchen/Dining
  1. Kids Room
  2. Outdoor
  3. Offices
  1. New Arrival
  2. Special Offers
  1. The website must have slider, which contains the pictures of some of the projects, important updates and special offers.
  2. Home page also display the register and login for customer.
  3. In “About Us” page you have to describe the history and important features of the company; information about online furniture.
  4. Wedding package must contains items included in the package and also show the discount given on those items.
  5. There must be a feedback form for the clients who are buying furniture.
  6. There should be search bar at home page where you can search furniture by category and by price range as well.
  7. After login user can place order by adding furniture items in the card and providing all details about delivery of product at the time of checkout.
  8. Confirm Order by sending a message or email to user for processing of order. After confirmation form user the order will be processed.
  9. Available payment options are both by credit card and cash on delivery.
  10. After transaction user will receive of copy of bill receipt on his/her email.
  11. User can also cancel the order within some time like within 24 hours.


  1. Admin keep record of all furniture and orders.
  2. Admin process the order by verification of user details.
  3. Admin must have all the records of orders which are placed, delivered orders as well.
  4. Admin can add new furniture items and can delete the items which are not available or out of stock.
  5. Admin can update the website.
  6. Admin must send or email to user regarding processing of order.







Name: Rizwana Noor

Email ID:rizwana.noor@vu.edu.pk

Skype ID: rizwana.noor77


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