Enchanted Flora: Flower Decor Company CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Enchanted Flora: Flower Decor Company


Project Domain / Category

Web Programming


Abstract / Introduction



Flowers are soul blossoming in nature. The art of using flowers and combining them with other beautiful elements enhance the décor. Enchanted Flora Company works for the decoration of every type of events with fresh flowers and artificial flowers. The florists’ experts of the company arrange for floral decoration for events like wedding, Conferences and Seminars, corporate parties, birthday parties. We also provides the delivery of flowers bouquet as per client demands, like delivery of bouquets to hospital, to friends who have birthdays etc. User can place order for event decoration and order is processed after verification form user, for delivery of flowers to customers is sent through courier services.


Functional Requirements:


Flower decoration company website has following features:


  1. The website of floral company must have following tabs:


  1. Home


  1. About Us


  1. Packages


  1. Events


  1. Contact Us


  1. Services


  1. Gallery


  1. Floral Experts




  1. The website must have slider, which contains the pictures of some of the projects, important updates, important clients and services shortcuts.


  1. In “About Us” page you have to describe the history and important features of the company; information about floral experts.


  1. Package pages contains the lists of packages which can be


  1. Silver


  1. Gold


  1. Platinum

  1. Customized Package (In this user can select services of their choices) i. Prices and services vary in every package.


  1. Events can be


  1. Wedding


  1. Engagement


  1. Birthday


  1. Conference


  1. Seminars


  1. Corporate Party


  1. There must be a feedback form for the clients who are taking services.


  1. Company has multiple floral experts. Client can choose the team based on the ranking by the prior clients. Information about team and its members must be stored in the database.


  1. When user clicks on the “Services”, a new list should display containing the services and their types, the company is providing. When user click on any type of service, the detail about the service. The detail about services should contain the introduction of the service and information/ pictorial representation of different related services.


  1. Sending of bouquet to anyone is one the service and user can schedule that services that on which date and time bouquet should be delivered.


  1. When user clicks on the Floral Experts, the information about important the members along with their testimonials should be displayed. You can display testimonials of the team members on separate page. Information of different teams must be stored in database.


  1. There should be search bar at home page.


  1. Home page also display the register and login for customer.


  1. After login user can place order for services or books floral experts for event.


  1. Confirm Order by sending a message or email to user for processing of order. After confirmation form user the order will be processed.


  1. After booking of event user have to pay 50% of payment in advance, and remaining at the time of event.


  1. The mode of payment for order is by credit card.


  1. User can also cancel the order within some time like within 24 hours.



  1. Admin process the order by verification of user details.


  1. Admin must have all the records of orders which are placed, delivered orders as well.


  1. Admin can update the website.


  1. Admin must send or email to user regarding processing of order.








Name: Rizwana Noor


Email ID: rizwana.noor@vu.edu.pk

Skype ID: rizwana.noor77

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