Electronic Voting System CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Electronic Voting System

Project Domain / Category


Web Programming


Abstract / Introduction


Electronic voting system (EVS) is an online application that lets users vote through electronic devices and the data is processed at central location. EVS stores records of all of the pools and can be used later on for decision making. Furthermore, EVS is supported by powerful electronic devices like biometric machines, high performance servers etc.


In this project you are required to develop an online EVS with following Requirements:


Data Entry Module:


This module will let the department register the political parties, voters, constituencies, candidates contesting elections (both for national and provisional constituencies) etc.


Caste Vote Module:


This module will help voter to cast his vote on specified date in specified constituency. Note that the module will be active on specified date in specified time. A person can cast his vote only once. Due to limited scope an online web form can be used by the user to caste the vote.


Result Viewer Module:


This module will let the public see the live results. The results may include (but not limited to):


  1. The overall lead of any party so far:


  1. Overall turnout in any constituency so far.


  1. Overall turnout countrywide


  1. Prediction of winning candidate in any constituency lower to the Union-Council level.


  1. Prediction of winning political party


  1. Grey (where opponents won with double margin) and strong areas (where a party won by double votes) of political parties right from country level to Union-Council (UC) level.


Note: You have to develop this project in context of Pakistan and Results should be shown graphically where required.



Microsoft Visual Studio, Java, PHP


Supervisor Information

Name:       Muhammad Summair Raza


Email ID:  sraza@vu.edu.pk

Skype ID:  summair.raza

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