E-Voting System CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

E-Voting System


Project Domain / Category



Abstract / Introduction


Elections plays a fundamental role in any democratic process. In this project it is expected that the students will develop an electronic voting system. An RFID reader is required that is able to read RFID Tag embedded in voter ID card. When the card is scanned; data of voter is displayed and after verification voter is allowed to cast vote. When the voter punches its finger list of candidates should appear, it should than be able to choose one candidate of his/her choice and proceed with casting vote. The system should ensure that the electoral system is able to avoid fraud and ensure safety, reliability, security, guarantee and transparency and smooth conduct of elections.


Functional Requirements:



  1. The system should fast and reliable
  2. System hard ware should be such that it does not crash.


  1. System should have options to connect with national database


  1. System should be secure.









PHP, Java, C++, C sharp or any other suitable language



Name: Taimur Karamat


Email ID: taimur.karamat@vu.edu.pk

Skype ID: mynickistim 

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