E medicine Store CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

E medicine Store




Project Domain / Category

Database application


Abstract / Introduction

This project is used mainly for medical stores to maintain the details of medical store such as stock and account. This medical shop management system is so designed as to ease the work load of medical shop professionals. The main feature includes inventory and stock control, accounting, client management

As this is generic software it can be used by a wide variety of outlets (Retailers and Wholesalers) to automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to the subject of maintaining the stock and cash flows. This project is basically updating the manual chemist inventory System to Automated inventory system, So that organization can manage their record in efficient and organized form.

Our software is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. It features a familiar and well thought out, an attractive user interface, combined with strong searching insertion and reporting capabilities.



Functional Requirements:


  1. Staff Registration
  • The administrator can create a new Staff.
  • Staff can login and logout.
  1. Staff
  • Admin add, delete or modify the details of the Staff.
  1. Salaries
  • This form provides the option to the administrator of the system to add, delete, modify and search the information of the staff salaries.
  1. Search
  • Staff can search for the required information needed.
  1. Medicine
  • Staff adds, delete or modify the details of the Medicine.
  1. Stock
  • Staff adds, delete or modify the details of the Stock.
  1. Inventory
  • Staff adds, delete or modify the details of the Inventory.
  1. Sells
  • Staff adds, delete or modify the details of the Sold product.
  1. Report generation
  • Depending upon the organizational needs following reports can be generated
  • Daily, Weakly & Yearly based report of medicine sold, inventory and stock and salaries of staff.



  • C #, Java
  • Visual studio
  • Sql Server




Name: Asadullah

Email ID:asad.ullah@vu.edu.pk

Skype ID: asad.ullah121



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