E-Learner Recommender System (ELRS) CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

E-Learner Recommender System (ELRS)


Project Domain / Category

Information Retrieval/Web Mining




Now a days, World Wide Web (WWW) is one of the major sources of information and it is expanding day by day. However, it is very challenging for e-learners to find the relevant information in such huge collection of data.It is of great importance to provide a system/environment which recommends relevant information to e-learners. These systems useslearners’ learning styles and knowledge levelsto recommend online activities or resources that would favor and improve the learning process.

The aim of this project is develop ane-learner recommender system which will provide most relevant and important URLs to e-learners based on their profile and history based information.


This project has the following basic modules:


  1. Developing a small generic e-learner centre:

It will provide opportunity to the e-learners to register, create and update their own profile and perform other learning related activities.

  1. URLs Ranking and Recommendation Services:
    This part of the system will rank URLs based on their interest and recommends top 5 most relevant URLs to the e-learner using their history and profile based information
  2. Database:

Maintaining a database for storing e-learner usage history and profile based information. This information will be used for recommendation.




  1. C#, ASP.Net and SQL Server



  1. Name: Said Nabi
  2. Email ID: nabi@vu.edu.pk
  3. Skype ID: saidnabi115


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