Customer Order Taking Mobile App CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Customer Order Taking Mobile App Android Based






Salman Bashir


Proposal Evaluation Committee Comments/Approval




 Project Domain / Category


Mobile Apps

Abstract / Introduction:


In restaurant industry, more and more restaurants are looking to make use of advanced tools, applications, and software programs to manage their restaurant operations in an efficient manner. In this regard using android app on tablet or mobile for the restaurants is good option. It will speed up the process of order placement for order takers, order processors and cashier etc. Waiters are already using the tablet / mobile devices to place orders, but now customers need to place orders by themselves on the tablet or mobile devices. Customers may scan the QR code printed on restaurant menu card and install the restaurant mobile app for placing order.

Functional Requirements:


The functional requirements of this mobile app can be divided into following points.

  1. A customer should be able to install mobile app by scanning the QR code from the menu card of restaurant.
  2. Customer will open the mobile app after installing by providing his/her contact number and user name.
  3. Customer will select the menu items after category wise searching facility. For example if customer ordered “Fried Rice” then he/she will select the relevant category as “Rice” first then will select the menu, system will keep calculating the price of each menu item and in the end when order will be completed total of all will be shown.
  4. Mobile app will save the order with customer name and table number and will send the order to kitchen for processing.
  5. Kitchen user will see a prompt on his screen for new order and will select it to view the details. He/she will add time for the order completion and that time will be saved and shown to order taker as well for customer inquiry.
  6. Once an order is prepared in kitchen the kitchen user will change the order status to ready and order taker will get a prompt on his screen about ready order # with table #.
  7. Order taker will serve the order to customer with an order receipt for payment, and before leaving customer will go to cashier for payment.
  8. Cashier will check the customer order details; will process payment against the said order.



Tools: GUI Design: Android / Xamarin Studio


Web Services / Web APIs: Java / C# / PHP


Database:  MySQL / SQL Lite / Fire Base / SQL Server





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Skype ID: Muhammad.salman.bashir

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