CureMeInstantly Mobile App CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

CureMeInstantly Mobile App


Project Domain:Mobile Apps


Recently, mobile applications are contributing in every field of life. The mobile phones are embedded with latest features and devices that can be useful for diverse nature of applications. The users of the mobile can take advantages of their smart phones if useful applications are developed that can utilize the resources of the mobile phones in an effective way. The smart phones contain sensors that can get useful information from the environment and from its user that can be utilized in a number of applications. Recently, applications are developed in providing information that is useful in curing differing health issues. The purpose of this application is to get information like blood pressure, temperature, heartbeats etc using sensors that can be used to alert the patient accordingly. This information can be used by the doctors as well as the patient to track the readings taken during a certain time.

Functional Requirements:

Application should have all intended features as given below.

  • Able to provide the registration, login/logout interface
  • Sensors obtain information that is automatically stored in the database
  • The information is checked after a certain time of period to track any abnormal behavior.
  • To provide real time environment app must have ability to work with 3G or 4G and/or
  • Wi-Fi and blue tooth
  • The information should be seen instantly by the user as well as in future on demand
  • App should be able to upload the information to cloud/server etc.


GUID Designing: Android studio

Programming Language: Java

Database: SQLite




Name: Muhammad Ibrahim

Skype id: ibrahimmayar

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