CS619 - Final Project List of New Projects for Fall 2017 Intended Readers: All students who are taking a new project in CS619 course in Fall 2017.

CS619 - Final Project List of New Projects for Fall 2017 Intended Readers: All students who are taking a new project in CS619 course in Fall 2017. 

ntended Readers: All students who are taking a new project in CS619 course in Fall 2017.

Dear Student,
Check the following details carefully and do as directed.

1) List of New Projects
 Click Here to download the combined list of projects in a single file (PDF Format). 

This file contains all project titles and details about each project supervisor. You are required to read this file carefully to make up your mind about the project titles you are interested in. Check FAQs announcement carefully as it already explains project selection and other important aspects of the project.

NOTE: If you see project titles on VULMS, other than in the above mentioned file, they must be older projects and you cannot get them. Even if you select such a project, you will be removed from it later and then you will be responsible for any issues in your project selection. So make sure you follow CS619 announcements properly.

2) Opening of Project Selection
All project titles mentioned in the above file will be opened for selection on 16 Oct 2017 for a few days. So make sure you follow CS619 announcements carefully and do as directed.

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Some Easy Projects from New CS619 Final Projects List Fall 2017
Bikers Portal
Classifieds Online (Online Advertising Website)
College Library System
Crime Management System
Designing and Development of Train Seat Booking System
E-EXAM: An Online Exam Management System
Email Scheduler
Events Information Management System
Find Personal Trainer System
Home Remedies
Hospital information Management System(HMIS)
Image Based Password to Avoid Shoulder Surfing
Online Admission System for VU of Pakistan
Online Alumni Portal
Online Complaint Registration Portal
Online Garments shopping
Online Hostel Management
Online News Management System
Online Solution for Research Proposal Writing and Submission
Online Student-Teacher Meeting Scheduler
Pharmacy Inventory System of Elite Medical Dispensary
Rapid Web Page Designer
Sale and Purchase Vehicles Online
School Management System
Spectra Online Photography
Tailoring Management System
Virtual Academy

Web based Inventory Management System for Raja Rani Stores

I read the FAQs of internship hrmi 619 course , it wrote that internship is a Non credit activity . 
Does this mean that it's NOT included in our credit hours?
kiya mein INTERNSHIP ko Credit hours ka hissa nahi samjhon?
please guide

HRM619 and HRMI619

both have 3, 3 credit hours but they have no marks... its must to complete but result will pass or fail result will not in CGPA

Last Chance for Project Selection Dated:Oct 27, 17
Intended Readers: All students who are eligible to take a new project in Fall 2017 semester

Dear Students
To facilitate student's selection in projects, some of projects in which limit of 25 students was not reached, are opened for selection
up till 30 Oct 2017. This will be last chance for you to select project, so do it as per the other already published announcements for project selection.

If you will not avail this chance then you should contact course selection and request for course drop if possible, as otherwise your project semesters
will be wasted.




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