CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Based Mobile App CS619 Final Project Spring 2018

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Based Mobile App CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Based Mobile App


Project Domain / Category

Mobile Apps


Abstract / Introduction:



Every business marketing manager / CEOs need to have the most current customer information at their fingertips and be able to work on the move. While on the road they need the ability to create and update all of their records, see what is planned, how they are progressing, have answers ready for their customers, and more importantly, be prepared for upsell opportunities. CRM will help us to manage your end-to-end sales cycle with access to Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Potentials, Tasks, Events, Calls, Inventory, and Custom modules in CRM.


Functional Requirements:


The functional requirements of this mobile app can be divided into following points.


  1. Access or modify customer information offline and automatically sync when you go online.
  2. Get instantly notified as you receive emails from customers.


  1. Collaborate with your team in real time using Feeds by posting comments, @mentioning peers, and much more.


  1. Locate leads, contacts, and accounts on maps.
  2. Schedule and track all your events, tasks, and activities.
  3. Check in and record your visits at customer locations.


  1. Log incoming and outgoing calls instantly.
  2. Use voice notes for hands-free note taking.


  1. Attach files (Images/Docs/Excel Sheets) directly from your device.
  2. Receive push notifications for reminders set on Tasks/Events.


  1. At the day end manager will be able to see the daily sale report, with different filters like date wise, salesman wise, area wise, customer wise.


Tools:            Android / Xamarin Studio + Java / C# / PHP + MySQL / SQL Lite / Fire Base





Name: Shakeel Saeed


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