ChatPatta E-Refreshment CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

ChatPatta E-Refreshment


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Web Programming


Refreshment is a light meal people use to enjoy in their free time or on any occasion. ChatPatta E-Refreshment is an online service which provides the facility to order snacks like chana chat, dahi bhalay, goal gappy etc. to customers. ChatPatta E-Refreshment offers three types of services to users: Nashta(Halwa Poori, Nihari etc.), Lunch(Biryani, Nan Tikka etc.) and Chatpatta(Chana Chat, Dahi Bahaly, Goal Gappy etc.). They are also offering different deals. Customer can place order online and food is delivered on their door step by delivery boy. Customer can pay either via credit card or cash on delivery.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Following tabs must be included on website.
    1. Home
    2. Menu
    3. Order
    4. Deals
    5. Location
    6. My Account
  2. “Home” should contain the introduction of the company, slider containing the pictures of the foods offered by the company. Arrange the demanded information aesthetically and logically.
  3. “Menu” has the details of the food categories and the food items offered in each category with the price.
  4. “Deals” tab contains the information of different deals offered by the company.
  5. “Location” tab contains the details of the areas in which delivery service is provided.
  6. Customer places the order by clicking on the “Order” tab.
  7. Before ordering food, user must be registered him/herself.
  8. Customer selects whether he/she wants to order a deal or normal food from any category.
  9. If customer select any food category, list of the food items in the selected category should be displayed to make the order placement easy.
  10. Customer can select more than one items from a similar category. Also ask the quantity of each item.
  11. In order details, delivery point should also be asked.
  12. Restrict the user from entering any location which is not in your area list.
  13. Calculate the total bills along with the delivery changes according to the location of the customer.
  14. Ask for the mode of the payment i.e. cash on delivery or credit card.
  15. In case of credit card, ask the user to enter the require information and store it.
  16. Customer can also cancel own order within an hour of order placement.
  17. My Accounts tab contains the options for registration and login.
  18. Admin is responsible for managing all the information displayed on website.
  19. Admin can
    1. Add more food categories, food items in each category
    2. Update area list
    3. Approve/disapprove Orders
  20. Admin has the details of all orders.
  21. When the admin approves the order, order is prepared and handed over to the delivery boy.
  22. After delivery, delivery boy reports the successful delivery and in case of cash on delivery handed over the cash to the admin.
  23. Customer can also rate the service/deals/food.

Note: Requirements can be Added/Updated as per need.


Microsoft Visual Studio (C#.Net) and SQL Server


Name:    Amna Bibi

Email ID:

Skype ID:  aamna.bibi26

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