Auto Reply Assistant for E-Learning System (ARA) CS619 Final Project Spring 2018

Auto Reply Assistant for E-Learning System (ARA) CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Auto Reply Assistant for E-Learning System (ARA)


Project Domain / Category

Web Development


Abstract / Introduction


An E-learning Educational System communicate and guide students via Email or Moderate Discussion Board(MDB). There are bulk of queries via Emails or MDBs which are almost same in nature according to the phase of educational activity and require same reply for these queries. So manual reply for these types of queries require much time, effort and resources.



To resolve above mentioned problem, we can update system by auto reply of same type of queries which will save time, effort and resources.


Functional Requirements:


  1. Select one course as domain (Software Engineering, Programming, etc)


  1. System could assess the type of query (question, information, course related query) and save unique query along with type in database.


  1. Train the system to generate answer for each type of query and save against respective query in data base.


  1. Auto reply the Emails or MDBs according to their type and nature of question.


  1. Keep the Emails or MDBs as unread which new queries are (don’t have same type of question saved in database).


  1. Manually reply that unread Emails or MDBs.





Visual Studio C#


(Intelligent agents, Chatbots) Optional Sql Server

Gmail smtp



Name: Neelam Alam


Email ID:

Skype ID: neelam-cs

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