Android Based Tourist Map Guide Application CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Android Based Tourist Map/Guide Application


Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application



All those traveling to various parts of Pakistan often find lot less information on areas and facilities there. Although there are some tourist guides/maps available in hard copy but they are a bit difficult to carry around.  There are various web resources available as well but internet coverage in various areas is not adequate. So there should be comprehensive Offline tourist map/guide for mobile device.

Anavailable map/guide in hard copy is as shown below


Students are required to make an android mobile application that will make such maps/guide. Through this application user should be able to make maps for each areas or city.  This will provide distance between cities and towns and information on each of the area like ATM, Hotels &Restaurantsetc.


Functional Requirements:

Provide a bulleted list of functional requirements

·         Lahore

·         Gawader

·         Northern Areas

·         Karachi

  • Application must provide ability to add multiple maps.
  1. Each map will be dynamic in nature more nodes (Cities, Towns, Picnic spots, lakes, Tops etc.) can be added. Note that in application you will not add images and make hotspots on it instated you will use graph like data structures to store maps)



  • It will provide the distance between each contacted city/town/village/spot. If there are multiple links these links will be provided accordingly.
  1. When user will click on each town, village or city application will display all facilities there like ATM, Hotel, Police Station, Restaurants etc.
  2. User should be able to add pictures of tourist spot.
  3. Application should provide facility to export the map as imageand any other application specific format feasible.
  4. Each map will be saved in file individual format.



JDK, Android Studio,

Note: You will not use applications like “MIT App inventor” etc.



Name: Muhammad Imran



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