Air Line Reservation System CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Air Line Reservation System



Project Domain / Category


Web Application




Airline reservation and ticketing in a public as well as in private companies is a plan (project) work targeted to create a system that will enable passengers or traveller’s reserve/book their flight by making reservations. As we know that the world is turning or going to be a global village with almost each and every aspect of human effort is getting computerized. The flying businesses management is thinking to make available their flight reservation online.  


This project intends to design and implement an airline reservation aimed at overcoming the inconveniences related to manual system. Here we will mainly design a computer program


  • That will replace the already existing manual system.
  • Enable passenger’s to make their flight reservation easily.


Functional Requirements:


  1. Admin Panel can perform the following activities.
    • Can login/logout.
    • Add/delete/update schedule
    • Change sear/ fair
    • Reject/cancel travellers request.
  2. Passenger/traveller’s panel.

The passenger/traveller can

  • Register
  • Login/Logout
  • Search available flights and seats with dates and time
  • Reserve seats
  • Check fair of any available flight


  • Minimum 350MB Hard Disk space for installation.
  • 4GB HD space required for a typical live system with 1000-2000 events.
  • Recommended minimum CPU - Pentium 4, 3.2GHz.
  • Network card.



The implementation of this computerized system will be carried out using

  • Php & MySQL.

Name: Mukaram Shah


Skype ID: To_shah

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