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Topic Covered:
  • Instruction set features
  • Addressing modes
  • Comparison of the instruction sets

Question No.1
Write the code/instructions to implement the expression A = (B – C) + 15(D - 45) on 3, 2, 1, and 0-address machines.
Question No.2:
Compute the total memory traffic in bytes for both instructions fetch and instruction execution for the code that implements the expression evaluation for the four machines in question # 1. 
Assume opcodes occupy one byte, addresses occupy three bytes, and data values also occupy three bytes. Don’t mix it with code size of instruction.

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3-address machine

2-address machine

1-address machine

0-address machine

Sub    x,b,c

Sub   Y,d,45

Mul    r,y,15

Add   A,x,r

Load     x,b

Sub       x,c

Load     r,b

Sub       r,45

Mul       r,15

Add      x,r

Store     x.A

Ida             d

Sub a         45

Mul a         15

St a             r

Id a            b

Sub a         c

St a            a

Push            d

Push            45


Push            15


Push             b

Push             c


Pop               A


total memory traffic is
3-address machine ( ) byte
2-address machine ( ) byte
1-address machine ( ) byte
0-address machine ( ) byte

Hello shakila,

you can calculate traffic through below mentioned scenario

3 – Address: There is 1 op code of 1 byte and 3 addresses of 3 bytes so code size will be 10. Also 3 addresses have 3 data fetching instructions so number of bytes accessed through memory will be 9+10=19. Since there are total 4 instructions so total traffic will be 19*4=76

hello nida,

hope you doing well, your last store statement for 2-address code is wrong. it should be "store a,x"




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