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Mid Term Paper Fall 2018 From 22 December 2018 to 06 January 2019

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 (Q-3) What is a Superscalar Architecture? Give an example?

(Q-3) The given instructions belong to which category of FALCON-A instructions? 

  1. Nop
  2. Reset
  3. jpl

(Q-5) Write an SRC assembly language program to evaluate the expression: (q-5) Write RTL notation for the following instructions of FALCON-A

z = 4(a +b) – 16(c+58) Your code should not change the source operands. 


1. If op-code is 3, the immediate constant C1 is sign-extended and subtracted from the value stored in rb. Result is stored in ra.

2. If op-code is 8, bit-wise logical OR of rb and rc register contents are assigned to ra.

(Q-5) Briefly explain the following exceptions.? 

  1. Trace and debugging Exceptions
  2. Non-maskable Exceptions




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