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Quiz No. 2 of CS402 Theory of Automata) will be held on 14-01-2013

 Quiz will be based upon Multiple Choice Questions. It will be opened only for 48 hours.

CS402 Theory of Automata Quiz No.2 Conference aj sham 7 pm se 9 pm tak ho gi. and is me just wo log participate karien ge jo regular Lecture wise discussions me Participate karty hain. So be ready for Quiz Conference.

Note:  wo persons jo regular lecture wise discssions me participate nai krty wo quiz conference me shamil nai hon ge.

un sab se request ha agr in future ap Virtualians Social Network se koihelp laian chahty ho to yahan regular hon. daily lecture wise discssions ko read karien un me partcipate karien. ta k ap ki lecture wise problem solve hon. a

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i want help in my quiz of cs402

I am regular member so here  and participating in all assignment gdb quiz and lecture wise discussions so include me in quiz conference of cs402 ...


Salam mera b quiz hai :(


i need help in cs402 quiz

OOOOooopppppssss 7 sy 9 tu meri lite off huti ha..........:( ab kia karun gi

CS402 Theory of Automata Quiz No.2 SOLVED 15 JAN 2013


If (L1 ^?L2c ) u?( L1C ^ L2) is regular language that accepts the words which are in L1 but not in L2 or else in L2 but not in L1 . The corresponding FA cannot accept any word which is in _______ L1 and L2.

Not both

  • Both

At least in one

None of the given options




Set of all palindromes over {a,b} is:


Regular and finite

Regular and infinite

  • Non-regular






While determining regular expression for a given FA, it is _________ to write its regular expression.

Always possible easily 


  • Sometime impossible 

always impossible 
None of the given options


Incase of Myhill Nerode theorem, if a language L partitions sigma star into distinct classes and L is also regular then L generates_________ number of classes. 
Select correct option: 


  • finite 






Which of the following is NOT a regular language? 
Select correct option: 

String of 0’s whose length is a perfect square 

  • Set of all palindromes made up of 0’s and 1’s 

String of 0’s whose length is a prime number 
All of the given options





If there is no final state of two FAs then their ____ also have no ___ state 
Select correct option: 

initial, union 
final, union 

  • union, final 

union, initial




For a machine with N number of states, the total number of strings to be tested, defined over an alphabet of m letters, is___________
Select correct option: 

Nm +Nm+1+ N m+2 +… + N2m-1 

  • mN +mN+1+ mN+2 +… +m2N-1 





In the context of Myhill Nerode theorem, for even-even language sigma star can be partitioned into________ number of classes.
Select correct option: 





In pref(Q in R) Q is …… to (than) R 
Select correct option: 


  • Not equal 





If an effectively solvable problem has answer in yes or no, then this solution is called_______
Select correct option: 

Infinite problem 

  • decision procedure 

Finite solution 
None of the given option






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