kindly share ur solution idea..

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we have to use repeated division method in it for equations

I have idea that 


(F2BA3F)16 {it is already in base 16 so i think we don't have to convert it in any other base as u can see at the end of equation we have to give our result in base 16

but i am having problem as u can see that the binary part of equation given in center (10110101000000011110001)2 is given in base 2 and we have to convert it into base 16 of hexadecimal using repeated division. {does any one have idea of how to do that)

I have idea only by using the indirect method of first converting it into decimal and than to base 16 by dividing the decimal number but problem is the instructions have been made by only using the repeated division no other method 

so kindly discuss.  




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