GDB Announcement Dated: Aug 06, 15

Dear Students!

Please Note that GDB of CS101 will be launched on August 10, 2015(10-AUGUST-2015) and will last for 48 hours only.

GDB Topic:

Let us say that there is a network of E-Toy shops in Lahore and Islamabad, five shops in Islamabad and ten in Lahore connected to each other through TCP/IP Network. In routine, E-mails are sent and received from one computer at one shop to another within the city locally and out of the city.

You have studied that for sending and receiving e-mails between computers at different locations two servers are normally in use i.e. SMTP & POP Servers.  All these e-mail servers are used in proper sequence locally and nationwide to send and receive e-mails (E-mails follow SMTP and POP servers to reach their destination).

After reading the above scenario;

Do you think that all the e-mails sent and received  between the computers at local stations (Shops)   within the Islamabad and for sending e-mails between the computers  at two different stations  (Islamabad and Lahore)  follow same Server sequence. If your answer is NO then, explain the governance and Involvement of SMTP & POP servers during transportation of e-mails locally from one computer to other and between two cities globally.

Note: Try to provide precise, to the point answer and avoid irrelevant details & Keep in consideration while attempting GDB that DIAGRAMS are not ALLOWED only explanation is required.


For any query:


Instructor CS101

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Yes plz...lets discuss the solution 




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