Course Code   Title   Type   Pre Requisite   Credit Hours
  CS201  Introduction to Programming  Required   3
  ECO401  Economics  Required   3
  ENG201  Business and Technical English Writing  Required ENG101    3
  MTH202  Discrete Mathematics  Required   3
  MTH301  Calculus II  Required MTH101    3

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B.Sc (Computer Science) Semester No. 02  students share your subjects for this semester  here and see same subjects students So in future you can discuss problems of lectures, assignments, gdb, quiz, and papers with concerned subjects students. 

Thanks bro 

Dear irfan bhai,

Can i select some other courses and drop MTH202 and MTH301 ? i can see so many courses there in selection .. is it possible ? please guide me ..

MTH202  Discrete Mathematics  3 2
MTH301  Calculus II  3 2
CS302  Digital Logic Design  3 3
CS601  Data Communication  3 3
MTH401  Differential Equations  3 3 You can select maximum 1 Course(s) from the course group PHY101PHY301MTH401STA301
PHY101  Physics  3 3
PHY301  Circuit Theory  3 3
STA301  Statistics and Probability  3 3


assalam o alaikum 

I just gave my zero semester . Im interested in BSc . I  need some help and guidance. would u like to help me in subject selection and material about BSc?




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