BNKI620 Internship Report Banking Final VIVA Presentation Instructions Spring 2017 

Viva will through skype video call, Supervisor will ask basic information about you after it ask you to open your presentation file, Supervisor will ask you to present it , u will tell introduction of bank/company/organization/department where did you complete internship, Supervisor can ask about company nature of work , about its products or services, competitors,  and the departments where your worked as internee, After it Supervisor will ask questions like organizational structure, chain of command, tasks you performed, how you performed, 
what were your duties in department of administrative, accounts, finance, hrm, marketing etc departments in case of company/organization 
what were your duties in department of account opening, accounts, credit, remittance, marketing etc departments in case of banks
For BNKI620 Banking Internship focus on critical analysis 
Also focus on SWOT analysis, Conclusion and Recommendations. Viva time will 20 to 30 mints. Only include important points from all analysis in your final presentation so you can defend it during viva easily. Presentation file should not more than 40 slides. 

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