BIO201 - Cell Biology Assignment No. 2 Solution Fall 2015 Due Date Jan 24, 2016

BIO201 - Cell Biology Assignment No. 2 Solution Fall 2015 Due Date Jan 24, 2016

 Assignment No. 02 (Graded)

SEMESTER Fall 2015
BIO201- Cell Biology

Total Marks: 10

Due Date: 24-01-2016



Please read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting assignment:

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit (zero marks) if:

  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The submitted assignment does NOT open or file is corrupted.
  • The assignment is copied (from other student or ditto copy from handouts or internet).
  • Submit your solution within due date. Don’t wait for grace day. Grace Day is given only if there is any problem with LMS on due date. Note that no assignment will be accepted through email if there is any problem on grace day.


The objective of this assignment is:


  • To understand the concept of transcription regulation.
  • To have an idea of “structure of receptors” and understanding the “phenomena of protein-linked receptor”. 

For any query about the assignment, contact at



Marks: 10 



1) Kindly explain the transcriptional events at the molecular level that will occur in E. coli bacterium when abundant glucose and lactose are present in its environment.                               [5]


2) Kindly give two examples of a single ligand binding the respective receptor and causing different cellular responses.                                                                                              







  1. Solution submitted through email will also not be acceptable. 

Topic/Modules Covered:  This assignment covers topics #    90-115

Deadline:             The Deadline of this assignment is January 24, 2016    


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