ACFI619 Internship Report-Accounting & Finance in Spring 2016 Semester

Internship Course Selection

First you need to select internship course in course selection. Course selection link will open on 6th April, 2016. If you have completed required credit hours you will be able to select project course relevant to your degree program 

Internship is for those students who are not doing job, they have choice to do internship in different companies / banks etc. Internship students need to provide ICC (Internship Completion Certificate) after completion of internship. There are 1 Assignments in it. Details are as following

Internship student need to submit ICC (Internship Completion Certificate). Company issue ICC on its letter pad with stamp and signature with detail of student internship work and department. 

Student need to make a report of their internship according to vu given template and submit in vulms , instructor check it if any improvement require instructor highlight it , student prepare report again and submit , instructor check it again , student have 3 chances to improve and submit their report.

After approval of final report , student prepare final presentation according to vu given template and submit in vulms.

After final term exams student call for viva voce exam. During viva student present presentation file, instructors ask questions about their internship analysis , conclusions, recommendation if student answer properly , student pass successfully. If student fail to answer, they give another chance for viva . 

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