Virtual University of Pakistan has developed a mobile science laboratory-the first mobile lab for students in the country that will give hands-on experience to students in research of bio-sciences and technology. VU Lab on Wheels will provide equal wet lab facilities for practical sessions to all students at their doorstep. Beside this initiative, practical sessions of life science studies are being performed at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Karachi and Peshawar.

Students who live in far flung areas where none of the University established labs are accessible will now be able to benefit from Mobile Lab. This mobile laboratory is accompanied by the trained staff and equipped with all necessary instrumentations required for practical training of ongoing degree programs in Faculty of Science & Technology.

Virtual University of Pakistan provides an excellent opportunity to the life science professionals across the country to excel in their fields by continuing their education through distance learning. Educationalists have praised the VU’s mission to encourage the excitement of scientific discoveries and skill development for the students of far flung and economically disadvantaged areas.

Lab on Wheels is a wonderful example of research platform, serving the community by stimulating curiosity and encouraging hands-on learning across the country.

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