Virtual University of Pakistan - Issuance of full semester voucher for Spring, 2018

Published On:  Thursday, May 3, 2018

Students are informed that full semester voucher for Spring, 2018 has been issued. Students may convert full semester voucher into installments through their LMS login, procedure is as under:

o    Log on to your VULMS.

o    Go to “Account book”.

o    Click on "Convert to Installments" option against full semester voucher and make installments as admissible.

Link of SOP for making installments of full semester voucher:

 The due dates of the installments for the semester are as under:

1st Installment

May 11, 2018

2nd Installment

June 11, 2018

3rd Installment

July 10, 2018

4th Installment

Aug 10, 2018

5th Installment

Sep 10, 2018

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