Published On:  Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Students are informed that the University has issued Endowment Fund voucher to newly admitted students of Fall, 2017, amounting to Rs. 1,000/- for local students and $10 for overseas students with due date January 22, 2018

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Student Endowment Fund

The University, after due approval of its Board of Governors (BoG), is launching an “Endowment Fund”. The fund will be managed through contributions by the University, its students, alumni and other donors (i.e corporate sector, individuals etc). The main objective is to ensure funding for Research and Scholarships.

The BoG has authorized the University to collect Rs. 1,000/- per student w.e.f Spring, 2016.

In this connection, the fee vouchers generated for Spring, 2016 will contain Rs. 1,000/- for local students and $10 for overseas students as contribution towards the Endowment Fund. This will be a “one-time” contribution from all existing and newly admitted students; w.e.f Fall, 2016, only newly admitted students will contribute towards this account.

Endowment Fund

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q:  What is “Endowment Fund”?

A:  “Endowment Fund” is a fund that is created to collect donations, contributions, grants and gifts etc.

Q:  How does it work?

A:  An endowment fund is an investment fund set up by an institution in which principal amount is kept intact and only the income generated by it is utilized for various purposes; such as:

  1. Research Activities
  2. Scholarships

Q:  Is it approved from any university’ body /forum?

A:  Yes, The university’s apex body i.e. Board of Governors (BoG) has approved the Endowment fund. The BoG, further approved the contribution of Rs. 1,000/- and USD 10/- from students w.e.f. spring-16, onward.

Q:  Is it refundable?

A:  The contribution towards endowment fund is non-refundable.

Q:  Would Endowment fund contributions only be collected from students?

A:  The contributions towards endowment fund will be made by the University, its students,     alumni and other donors.

Q:  How much amount will each student contribute towards endowment fund?

A:  The contributions will be made by the students once, as follows:

  1. For Local Students: Rs. 1,000/-
  2. For Overseas Students: USD 10/-

Q:  When will the endowment fund take effect?

A:  The contribution to that fund shall be applicable w.e.f. Spring -2016 to all existing and newly admitted students.

Q:  Is it mandatory?

A:  Yes, it is mandatory.

Q:  Is it applicable to all students?

A:  It is applicable to all students of degree programs only.

Q:  Will I need to contribute in endowment fund every month, every semester or every year?

A:  No, you will have to contribute once, only.




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