Hi there 

Today I wanna discuss programming languages which are most demanding and should learn in 2019. 

I gave the numbering to these languages according to my point of view, you can add your Suggestion or you ur point of views. 

So, Top 5 languages that we should learn in 2019 are 

1) Python  

2) JavaScript 

3) Java



PHP is still demanded and highly paid language at Freelancing. It uses along with WordPress or sometimes uses with CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap. If you are really a programmer and want a wide and bright future then you should absolutely learn c# because you can build Apps(Desktop and Android), you can go server side with c# also you can do game development with c#. Java is the most famous language for android app development. As you know the demand for Android and ios apps are increasing, therefore java has its own value and demand. JavaScript is tough but highly demanding. Today Technologies and Robots are getting fame because robots can do work faster than men. Python is the easiest and highly paid programming language and this why Python is at the top of my list because we can do many things with python like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Scripting data analysis and data science jobs with python. 

Please Suggest to me or tell me more about it 

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