Dear Students,

  By the grace of Allah, you all are in the best of your health and devotedly paying attention towards your studies to achieve your life goals.

2.      As you are well-aware about the University teaching learning methodology, the students are communicating with the teachers/offices/ officials by using VU email account. However, in this regard it has been observed that mostly students are emailing carelessly by using inappropriate language. Such emails are not understandable and resolved timely by the respective Department(s).

3.       In this regard, all students are strictly advised to observe the following code of conduct while writing emails for any correspondence to the University:

  • Use proper English or Urdu language (DO NOT Use Roman/SMS English or Urdu language);
  • Use appropriate words;
  • Only use VU Email account;

4.       All the students will observe the above points strictly.

5.       In case of non-compliance, the University reserves the rights not to reply such emails and a strict disciplinary action will also be taken against student(s) who are using abusive language.


Thank you.


Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Javed


Virtual University of Pakistan

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