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Salam Irfan Khan/All,


Hope you are in good health.

I am new in MCS (1st Semester) and want some suggestions regarding course selection.

 1st semester courses which are pre-selected as below:

1 .   CS201 Introduction to Programming 
2 .   CS402 Theory of Automata 
3 .   CS601 Data Communication 
4 .   ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing 
5 .   MTH202 Discrete Mathematics 
6 .   STA301 Statistics and Probability 

Recently I completed “Deficiency Semester” securing 3.22 CGPA (overall), PFB result:



Effective CGPA


Semester(Fall 2016) CGPA for 12 credit hours


Total Credits Exempted


Total Credits Earned


Overall Equivalent Percentage Marks




  Introduction to Computing





  English Comprehension





  Calculus And Analytical Geometry





  Business Mathematics & Statistics





I am doing 2 Jobs around 13 hours. Please suggest if I should drop any course and which course should I drop if it’s suggested for me.

Looking forward everyone response.


Warm Regards:

Muhammad Zeeshan

wa alaikum asslam

Dear as you are working 13 hour... It will difficult for you to continue all 6 subjects. I suggest you to continue with 4 subjects. 

1 .   CS201 Introduction to Programming 
3 .   CS601 Data Communication 
4 .   ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing 
5 .   MTH202 Discrete Mathematics 

It will suitable for you

kindly send me prevoius papers of STA301

I AM A STUDENT OF MASTER BANKING AND FINANCE ...MRY 2ND SEMESTER MA 3 SUBJECTS MA F GRADE AYA HA during job i can;t handle 3rd semester strat hogya ha plzz sugest me mai konsay subjects rkhun or mjhy kia 3 subjects jis ma f grade aya repeat krny paryain gy???????????

I need a partner in MCS first semester as I work for 12 hours :(  :( bht mushkil horaha ha manage karna :(

I am also in 1st semester mcs

I need help COM619 M,COM final project

i am student of msc mass communication, i want to have discussion forum,i m facing difficulties in assignment solutionnnnn, plz  want to have friend of my course

i am also Doing MCS in 1st semster,,, need help and partner to discuss and study

anyone share the paper of cs504

i need mid term previous paper of STA301,....

Wa Alaikum Salam, 

I would like to know if anyone here doing last semester of M.HRM. I need someone to discuss the courses and final project. 




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